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May 22 2009, 08:05 PM
Wes Fan
May 22 2009, 07:40 PM
Honestly, I more bothered that Baby Grace gets a funeral and Tony didn't. We're talking 4 months verses some 25 years. Talk about a slap in the face to fans.
That is an EXCELLENT point. Not to mention Tony had way more friends and family on the canvas than Grace does. Ugh, I am just kind of dreading seeing how this unfolds, but maybe it will somehow work out with my expectations set so abysmally low the show will somehow manage to surpass them.

Thanks onebadkitty. Very sad. Lots of hole in this IMO. Why even bring in the father of Mia's baby? Marlena would be there for Sami., even if Sami told current Ej the truth before would really he be devastated? They really didn't build that part of the story IMO. Rafe stands more of being devastated than Ej. I guess I have to see it play, maybe that will change things for me.

I think the father of Mia's baby is being brought in to cause drama for Mia and Will and to add to the teen scene. And depending on how much gets revealed pre/post Grace's death, this new guy bring out new revelations about Mia so that someone like Will might be able to put all the pieces together and expose Nicole in the end.

And on your other point, I think if EJ were told the truth, whenever he is told the truth, he is going to be VERY devastated. I don't know how you can even say Rafe would be more devastated than EJ. I mean they would be devastated in very different ways.

Rafe has had a chance to bond with this baby and its mother over a few weeks/months and has come to love the child and will at least always have those memories to hang on to the rest of his life.

If EJ is told that his child with Sami died when Grace dies, he will have to deal with not only this child dying without him EVER having a chance to ever know or have any relationship with the child, but also he'll have to deal with the fact that a woman he loves/loved/obsessed over, this child's mother, hated/had such little regard for him and his family that she purposely kept any knowledge of this child from him so that he'll NEVER have any relationship with the baby.

I personally think EJ's situation is a bit more devastating, but then again we don't know yet Rafe's full backstory to see if there's something else there to add the emotional punch to this.

it is my hope that ej will realize that his choices are also to blame her..not just sami for not telling him. he made the choice to follow in his fathers footsteps..we had the issue of blood diamonds..we had him shoving melanie..ok she was being a brat, but his is big and the idea the afp was just a joke to him means what? he is aligned with big oil and pollution?

then the philip hit, and the stephanie kidnapping..this ej is not someone that really deserves to be raising children..unless he wants them to grow up willing to kill, rape, kidnap, torture and murder..i want my ej who was grey, not the ej that resembles maggot skin.
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