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I'm all for Maggie morphing into Grandma Horton, but creating a Melissa-Pete baby is so annoyingly dumb. After Melissa's teen failed marriage to Pete, she danced with Lars Englund, romanced and duped Jack Deveraux (in DOOL's second-most-wonderful pre-Sami failed wedding ceremony ...Howie as Hope still reigns), returned to Salem transformed from mousy blond to buxom country-song-warbling brunette, battled her cousin Jennifer for the affections of Emilio Ramirez, and left Salem to focus on her country music stardom.

The last time we say Melissa, she had returned for one of Bo and Hope's re-weddings (post-Gina?). She was 8.5 months pregnant with "another baby", implying that she and her un-named hubby had others. I vaguely recall her mentioning a "doctor husband" though.

Pete Jannings did father a child as a teenager -- Charlie Jannings. The mother was Ivy, not Melissa, and it created plenty of angst and drama for the newlyweds. Ivy eventually moved into the Kiriakis guest house, romanced Mike Horton (Michael T Wiess version), and raised Charlie as a single mom.

Now if DOOL were smart (lolololololol), it could quite easily be explained that Ivy died off-screen, that Melissa eventually found her way back to Pete and they are happily married offscreen (a la Josh and Jessica Fallon), and that the reunited Pete+Melissa raised Charlie "as their own".

Plus, not only would the new "hot doc" be tied to the Hortons (after all Melissa is adopted, as he would be), but also he would have some Kiriakis ties. Victor and Ivy had some great scenes (non-romantic, more father-daughter).

But "Nathan" is the hot new name for guys (Charlie is so 1980s). Maybe he will be Charles Nathan Jannings and DOOL will actually follow history.

Also, a 24-year-old medical interm is still about 5 years too old for an 18-year-old, even if she turned tricks for daddy at 15, became an internet sensation at 16, and lived a Paris-Hilton-like party life at 17 before emptying bedpans at 18.
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