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May 24 2009, 12:33 PM
May 23 2009, 09:04 PM
If you noticed, I posted about Grace dying on my site on April 15, way before anyone else posted about it. Also, I did not post this over here, LovingDays did, so I don't appreciate the slam when I did not post this here to begin with and only posted about the two new hunks.

April 15th? That would be the same day that the "tragedy involving Sami/Rafe/Grace" was reported in SOD.


Purely coincidental I'm sure. :laugh:

Well if you want to get technical, I beat that post by 5 hours! 7 if you want to take into account my board in on Central time. So I don't see any coincidence <cough> about it!
I'm sure posting Eric Martsolf was the new Brady Black a month before anyone else was pure coincidence too! Dang I must be a pretty good frakin' pyschic then to predict casting as well! Believe what you want about me, but there are hundreds of people out there that know better!
Again, it's because of people like you I don't post my spoilers here and thus ruins it for the people who may actually want to see them!
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