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Grandpa Hughes
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May 25 2009, 02:58 PM
What a great clip Mason...it's great to look back and see how far the characters have come in the last (almost) ten years...it looked like it was Christmas time. Seeing Original Brittany, JT, Billy, Raul, Mac and even Jay Kenneth Johnson was fun. They were a great group of teens back then!

So about Monday's episode...was it just me or did Maria take it old school with Phyllis & Jack scenes today at Restless Style. The slap and the Phyllis just casually announcing that Billy could be the father, without missing a beat just kept talking about stuff! What a great scene...
It was great stuff all the way around! Phyllis slapping Jack didn't hurt him NEARLY as much as the news about Billy and Sharon! I LOVED their scene and him telling her she'd said enough for one day while his eyes were filling up! Plus the look on Phyllis's face when Nick lied to her and then asked if there was anything he should know about! She was the Red of old and unpredictable! No more Stepford wife bull shit! And that scene at the club where Jack got the call from Billy and threw the phone across the room while saying "Son of a bitch!" was memorable! I could FEEL his frustration and sense of betrayal!
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