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May 25 2009, 05:29 AM
I've seen where you've posted your "scoops" on other boards in the past, and you ended up getting chased off SON and other places because people were sick of your "scoops" turning out not to be correct. On the occasion you do get something right you make sure everybody and their sister or brother knows it. When someone has doubts because they obviously have seen you post your "scoops" before you get condescending and borderline rude about it.

I never got chased off SON. I just usually do not post there because of Toups. I had a strong dislike for JER and he loved him. Same thing for Martha Madison. He was deleting my posts for no good reason (and I believe you were too) and Errol had to step in to stop Toups. I don't think an administrator of a board (Toups) should be a dictator like that just because I didn't think JER was a god. I did not want to cause disharmony amongst their staff so I stopped posting and in fact I was told by an administrator of this board to start posting here and I said I would from time to time.

People were not "sick" of my scoops, only people like you and I think that was more because of Toups. It's like saying everyone is sick of EJAMI or sick of SAFE, not everyone is going to like the same thing. I got a ton of PMs from members on that board wanting me to stay because so much of my information is correct which is usually a few months ahead in story.

Now as far as this whole thread goes.... I did not post this here, nor did I authorize it to be posted here and yet I'm being attacked for it. And I don't go around telling everyone and their siblings when I am correct... I don't have that much time on my hands! :) That usually only comes of when people like you try to call my credibility into question. Funny how people talk about my spoilers not coming true, but can't point out any. And when they do, the things they quote aren't even things I posted but someone else's! Again, think what you want, but please don't spread false information about me or make things up to try to make me look bad like others have tried to do in the past.

So I have done nothing wrong here. I posted a simple thing about the two new hunks and I am being shown disrespect from all people an actual administrator of this board.... for doing nothing wrong. That is in very poor taste IMO. Administrators should treat their posters with respect unless they are given reason not to and I have done nothing on this board to be shown the disrespect you are showing me!
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