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May 25 2009, 06:40 PM
May 25 2009, 06:27 PM
ok six..and hope had not told him it was not ok to get up without telling his hostess and go outside...very bad parenting..

and i agree it is silly, but for a post to go up saying what did sami to to grace is silly as well, that is the point of these posts to say silly gets silly back. again it seems to be a case of being mad that kristan is losing air time, well it happens when you get old and have been kidnapped, blown up, had the wrong kid, etc etc etc..so many dang times there is no story for you at all, that is why you move on to other jobs..or eventually on soaps you become the aunt maggie types. it will happen to sami too, and i hope i am not begrudging the next one up.

and fyi, alison sweeney has won a lot more awards than kristian, so someone must like her.
I don't think Alison would appreciate the negative things you are saying about her very good FRIEND.
then i would say let alison say it to me, as this board says : actors can be criticized since if they cannot take it they should not be in the public eye.

the rule i am quoting:
9.) Daytime Royalty does not censor the strong critique of writers, actors and actresses. If they don't want to be critiqued, they shouldn't be in the business!

i have read plenty on here damning and condemning alison sweeney, she has been called the diva, a bad actress, fat, ugly, and worse..so i think if she can stand the heat so can kristian. :wave:
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