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This week's SOD features an interview with Ali Sweeney.

At the beginning of the week, Sami tells Rafe that she's the happiest she's ever been. Sweeney explains that Sami "is at this place where she feels like her life is finally coming together. So many wonderful things are going on." However, after Rafe leaves for work, Sami realizes Grace has a fever. After that, Sami looks over and sees that Grace is having a seizure. Sami rushes Grace to the emergency room.

Sami tries to reach Rafe on the phone, but she can't because Rafe's cell phone is dead. Sweeney says Sami is terrified: "When you have a child, you have such a firsthand understanding of how horrible it would be to have your child go through something like this. It's just so scary." Sweeney continues that as Sami is trying furiously to get Rafe on the phone, "EJ just happens to be there."

Sami falls into EJ's arms and he comforts her. Then, Daniel approaches Sami and says that genetic testing will be necessary. Sami offers to just tell Daniel about the biological parents so that a test can be avoided, but Daniel tells her that a test will be needed in either case. Sweeney says Sami realizes that "things are about to get a lot worse the second EJ finds out, but if it will help Grace, obviously, she'll do it. She wouldn't hesitate."

Grace's condition worsens, and Daniel does a spinal tap. Sami decides that she needs to tell EJ the truth and she needs to do it immediately. However, Will interrupts her, and then Lucas interrupts her. Then, just as she finally has the opportunity to talk to EJ, Daniel comes over and gives her Grace's diagnosis: bacterial meningitis.

Rafe arrives to help support Sami, who, Sweeney says, is "worried sick about Grace and trying to be strong for her and trying to be positive, but still extremely worried and devastated".

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