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This week's SOW features an interview with Ari Zucker.

SOW asks Zucker what Nicole's reaction is to the fact that Sami may tell EJ that Grace is his daughter. Zucker says that Nicole is "freaking out", and that "it's all about Nicole's insecurity." Zucker continues that Nicole is thinking that when EJ hears the truth, "he's going to fall back in love with Sami". However, Nicole knows that "realistically, there should be no issue", because "all of this is going to fall on Sami."

Nicole goes to the hospital chapel so she can calm down, and then Stefano comes up to her and tells her that he knows the truth about Sydney. SOW asks Zucker what that moment is like for Nicole. Her answer: "Frightening as hell!" At first, Nicole pretends she doesn't know what Stefano is talking about, but then Stefano tells her everything he knows about it, which makes it impossible for her to hide the truth from him.

Stefano doesn't tell Nicole whether he plans to tell EJ what's going on, but he does tell Nicole that, as Zucker says, "there's a large possibility he's on her side". Then EJ walks in and interrupts the two of them, and Stefano doesn't tell him anything. Zucker says Nicole is thinking, "There's hope." Nicole knows that she'll always have to "be on her toes" to protect this secret, but as Zucker says, "at least she's gotten through this day."

SOW concludes by asking Zucker what her thoughts are on Stefano's decision "not to blow Nicole totally out of the water". Zucker answers that it's "a stronger choice on Stefano's part. It's really going to make things interesting."

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