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May 27 2009, 11:07 AM
Please link to DR.

This week's SOD and SOW each feature an interview with Shelley Hennig.

SOW begins by saying that Philip and Stephanie lie in adjoining morgue drawers "and profess their love for each other". Hennig describes to SOD the moment that Stephanie realizes Philip is in the drawer next to hers: "All of a sudden, her fiancÚ, the love of her life, is next to her and telling her he's going to get them out. She's really relieved."

Then, Owen walks in and takes Stephanie out of her drawer, telling her that they're going to leave Salem together. At that point, Philip kicks his drawer open, and this distracts Owen. Stephanie grabs Owen's gun, and Philip and Owen start fighting. Stephanie doesn't want to leave to get help, because she's afraid something will happen to Philip. She hits Owen and tries to get the gun back.

Then, Bo and Hope come in, and Brady and Melanie come in right after them. Philip has almost beaten Owen to death at this point, and Stephanie tells him to stop. Hennig says that Stephanie doesn't want Philip to kill Owen; "She just wants this whole thing to be over with."

The fight ends when Bo and Hope arrest Owen, and Stephanie and Philip hug. Later, Stephanie and Philip go to the Kiriakis mansion. Kate is happy to have Philip home, but Roman arrives and warns Stephanie about marrying into the Kiriakis family. Stephanie "doesn't want to hear it", says Hennig. "She's been through enough and just wants to pretend everything is going to be fine."

Roman leaves, and later, Stephanie and Philip make love. But when Stephanie goes to sleep afterwards, she has a nightmare about what happened. Hennig explains that Stephanie "wakes up out of breath" and has a panic attack. Stephanie tries to "put on a brave face" for Philip, telling him everything is fine. Hennig says that "Stephanie loves Philip and can't live without him, so she's willing to do whatever it takes. But at some point, she's going to break."

This has got to go down as one of the worst soap stories in history.Right up there with OLTLs Eterna :puke: Dena,its time to clean out your crack pipe :drunk:
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