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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I didn't mind Nadia stating her opinion that Chloe is not in the category of Sami and Nicole. I think it sounded like Nadia was begrudgingly including her character in the club of women who dupe Lucas she just didn't see herself as bad as them. I agree that what Chloe is doing is not as bad as what Sami or Nicole did.

Sami kept his kid from him for several years, had a nasty custody fight with him and leveled false child abuse charges against him, contributed to his screwed up relationship with Carrie years later with her lie about Caustin's ability to have children and she divorced him to marry the man she told Lucas had raped her in what she said was a marriage of convenience but she wound up sleeping with him.

Nicole made Lucas think she loved him but kept from him she was being paid 5 million to be in a relationship with him and was cheating on him.

All Chloe has done is cheat on Lucas just like Carrie did but at least she didn't pick his brother to cheat with.

I'd say the marriage to Chloe is Lucas's most successful yet!

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