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I use the US airdate. He debuted on 4/8 in Act 5, when he spoke to Stefano on the phone. As mentioned above, he spoke to the hitman, Masi, in Act 7 on 4/17 and spoke to Stefano in Act 6 on 4/23.

I have a listing of who has appeared in every scene of "Days" since 1991. And my daily character logs go back to January 1, 1983. Some of my records from the 80s might not be totally accurate, but everything in the past decade or so has been checked and double checked for accuracy.

Here is the further proof, from the transcripts:

Here's the transcript from 4/7/09 (the links are from TV Megasite, which list the day-ahead dates). (He is not listed as Owen in the script, but I added his name for his lines):


Stefano: Where the hell have you been, huh? I expected you to check in yesterday.
OWEN: Yeah, I know, I know, but something came up. A whole battery of electronic geeks arrived to install more sophisticated surveillance.
Stefano: How sophisticated?
OWEN: Sophisticated enough that the entire Kiriakis mansion is key to a whole new system.
Stefano: Are you telling me that you are shut down?
OWEN: I was for the better part of two hours. You'll be pleased to know that my M.I.T. Education is once again yielding you some priceless dividends.
Stefano: Yeah, I know what the price is. You know, I've been lining your pockets for years. All right, now, am I to assume that you are up and running again?
OWEN: Back in business and better than ever. Nothing that goes on in chez Kiriakis will get past me.
Stefano: Oh, speak of the devil. I'll talk to you later. You've got a lot of nerve.

The April 17 episode: (again no listing of Owen in the script)

Masi: [Speaking Italian] No, it's not gonna be a problem. A little public, perhaps. [Speaking Italian] [Cellphone rings] [Beeps]
OWEN: Yeah. Our subject is at the Salem Ambassador Hotel, 1812 West Main.
Masi: Good job.

And again on April 23 (not listed as Owen):

Stefano: Has there been any unusual activity?
OWEN: No, sir, but I did hear Henderson say Mr. Kiriakis was going to survive the shooting.
Stefano: All right. Keep your eyes open. Damn it.
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