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May 28 2009, 08:20 PM
Thanks for keeping track of all this stuff, Jason. I don't know if I've ever told you before but I'm just glad that resource exists for Days fans and I can't imagine how time consuming it is to update and maintain.

Can't believe Larry Welch appeared in 21 episodes in a month though. Crazy.
Glad to do it, IMissAremid and Mirabella. It's been a gradual process through the years. Way back before the Internet, I started watching "Days" in 1990 and started the daily scene-by-scene logs in 1991. So getting the data for 1991-present wasn't too hard to do. I just input it slowly through the years into MS Word. And over the past decade, I acquired the 1983-1990 episodes. That was the most work to do. Fast forwarding through all the scenes of 250 episodes a year for the 8 years of data (which totals around 2,000 episodes)! That's why I've never gotten to actually watch the full episodes of 1983-1990 (except for some weddings and Christmas episodes, etc.... and other scenes that looked good). That's why my data might be off just a little bit for 1983-1990, since a character like Henderson or Dave the waiter might have been on very briefly and I might have missed them in my fast-forwarding. But I'd give my total efforts about a 98% accuracy rating, since everyone makes mistakes!
Yes, Andrew had a ton of work in May. That was the infamous month of the Hope/"Howie"/Larry wedding, when Larry ended up kissing Howie (Stanley Brock) in drag.
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