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May 29 2009, 06:12 PM
my issue was the generalized idea (so it seemed to me) that just because there are writers, discussing a character's personality is pointless and/or fanwanking.
My point about that was that even if a character says, "So and so is the love of my life," that doesn't mean that will ALWAYS be true. It might be, it might not. I don't consider it to be impermissible of a writer to allow characters to develop and change, and in Philip's case in particular, I see no reason why he has to be tied down to anyone he met before the age of 30 as being the "love of his life." Or, similarly, that even if Belle, for example, was the unrequited love of his life for ten years, that doesn't mean he wouldn't find someone else he loved as much. He could have loved Belle, and Chloe, and Stephanie, and still meet someone five years from now who he loves as much as or more than them. The thing I consider pointless is to say that a character's feelings for any given person are going to be set in stone and will never change. They may be, they may not be--but just because Philip is telling Stephanie she's the love of his life now doesn't mean it can't be true simply because he told someone else that before--or simply because another fanbase prefers him with someone else.

You asked why anyone would invest in characters whose personalities change on a dime, or words to that effect. My answer to that would be, I'm not that emotionally invested in the first place, but to the extent that I am, I don't think every time a character does something I wouldn't write him or her as doing if I were in charge means it's "out of character." People go to the "bad writing" card every time their favorite does something he or she doesn't like, whereas when it's someone they hate they don't pass out the bad writing excuse when they do nasty things (not saying you in particular do that). In real life, people do things that are arguably out of character: Sunday School teachers have affairs, mousy people commit murder, upstanding citizens embezzle money. How many times have we heard "he was such a quiet person, I never thought he'd kill/rape/steal/whatever?" I mean, just because someone doesn't act the same way at 40 as he did at 25 is in and of itself meaningless to me. Sometimes people change. Evangelicals become atheists, sluts reform, it can be as simple as losing interest in a prior activity and picking up something else. People change, so if I like a fictional character before and after he's written differently, I'm ok with that.
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