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May 29 2009, 08:24 PM
The way things are now, the same problems come up and instead of creating varied situations and solutions because the characters are all different, we get the same problems and same reactions to those problems over and over again. It's a bore.

Can you give some examples of what you're talking about?

I have been responding in this thread primarily with Philip in mind, because he is the subject of the promo--him and Stephanie. I maintain that it's perfectly plausible that Philip has moved on with his life and does not love Belle or Chloe or Morgan and that, while I personally do not want him with Stephanie, he is currently saying he is in love with her. The fanwanking part to me is insisting that because he once told someone else he loved her, that has to stand permanently. And i don't see how it's bad writing to say he has a new love. The dialogue may be shitty, the situations may be contrived, the story may be boring--but the general point I was making was that I have a pet peeve about people saying, "If so and so came back or wanted "x" then "y" relationship would be over." Until the writers lay out that scenario, we don't know what the character would do. To say that so and so would definitely or never do something is utterly and completely unconvincing to me.
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