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May 29 2009, 09:38 PM
May 29 2009, 04:56 PM
And I'm a huge Alison Sweeney/Sami fan - but I rue the day they decided she had to be turned in to the show's heroine. It's been a terrible rewrite of the character and her history and was completely unnecessary, IMO.
I think this is my problem with Sami too. I was always since I started watching a HUGE Sami fan. Always. These past two years, I have dreaded seeing her on screen.

Sami was great scheming and chasing her men.
Now, she turns her nose up at scheming and has three men chasing her!

It kills me how she looks down upon EJ and all he did when she would do the exact same thing since she has been on the show. One could even blame EJ's dad just like she used to blame her mom.
Sami's character's rewrite has ruined her for me.

So if I want to trash talk Sami, I feel that I am in my right. Sami was MY girl. Now, I don't know who she is, and I can't stand NuSami. Glitter queen, Sarlena, Octomom, whatever. This isn't the girl I used to tune in for, and even her scheming to keep Grace from EJ has totally flopped. I would have bought it better if she would have kept Grace from EJ because she was pissed off at him...not because he is evil. Sami was evil.

And, for me, I liked Santeen and some of Hogan, but I feel that the show has gotten more interesting since Nicole has been back. The stories haven't gone the way I would have wanted, but I feel that if it weren't for her, I might have stopped watching. She brought in a new vibe in a stale story.
But hell, if I watched Jett Carver, I can watch anything. :)
This sort of touches on the reason why I as an ejami fan usually prefer the ejole scenes to the safe scenes. While I don't like the way they've rewritten Nicole to cower a lot instead of taking charge, or her current scheme, she is fine with EJ's dark lifestyle, and fortunately she's dropped the goody-goody act she was doing while pregnant. While safe is carrying on this wholesome white-picket-fence thing that is so not classic Sami. Belle is supposed to be doing that. The writers need to get her back here, and let her live in domestic bliss, and let Sami be Sami. I'm still a Sami/AS/ejami fan, in spite of this, though. The writers haven't completely ruined them for me, yet.
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