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Monday, June 1st
Melanie fears that she and Brady are going to die; Philip and Stephanie realize they're lying in adjoining drawers in the morgue; Bo and Hope find Melanie's hospital badge; Lucas presses Chloe to tell him what happened the night he was drinking.

Tueday, June 2nd
Lucas tells Will to stay away from Mia; Nicole asks EJ to prove he is not jealous of Rafe; Philip and Owen continue their violent struggle in the morgue; Bo and Hope hear voices coming from the mausoleum.

Wednesday, June 3rd
Arianna blames Sami for Rafe giving up his dream to be an FBI agent; Mia overhears Lucas and Will arguing about her; Maggie insists that Mia move in with her; EJ goes to see Stefano in the hospital; Nicole visits Rafe at work.

Thursday, June 4th
Stefano tells Nicole he knows everything about the baby switch; Roman expresses concern for Stephanie, and she explains to him that she loves Philip; Stefano reassures EJ regarding Owen's incarceration; Kate offers Chloe her old job back.

Friday, June 5th
Stephanie has a nightmare about her kidnapping; EJ tells Stefano they have a problem regarding Owen; Nicole reels off Stefano's bombshell that he knows the whole truth about Grace.
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