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May 29 2009, 09:20 PM
In my opinion ratings, rankings, etc., don't mean jack shit really. I don't have a neilson box, people meter, nada. I don't know anyone who does or ever has had one and sometimes I question if they really exist or if they are a scam. I read that in my county (of over a million people) there are approximately 400-800 boxes. How can they possibly get an accurate assessment of what we are all watching from that?

I get how statistics work, and advertising, blah blah blah, but I think this is just not really a measurable thing unless they put some device in every single cable box in every country all over the world. Then we'll really know.

I'm with you on that. And there was that article about people forgetting to record their viewing accurately.

The other element of this whole ratings/reasons thing- wouldn't something have to be promoted to be a draw for viewers? So don't you also have to look at what was being promoted, if anything? People have to know somehow that it's a Safe week or a Nicole week to tune in in increased numbers specifically for that.

Or, maybe it's the storylines featured in the previous week(s) that are really driving ratings the following week.

I kind of think Days has found its bottom line- the people who will turn in for anything. A few months from now they'll start to lose people again until they bottom out. Other soaps will drop later, so the Days crew have a chance at a high ranking again. Seems to be their longer-term pattern, irrespective of what's actually on-screen.

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