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May 30 2009, 03:18 PM
my ratings timing has to do with ending period may 22..which was no where near nicole and ej in the bar..it was the period of may 19 when the famous ej and sami love making scene happened..

coming about three weeks later was the drunken ejole scene, which ended when sami came and asked ej to come home with her, which he did....and totally pissed off nicole..just sayin

miou has it right..we have had no payoff about nicole stealing a baby, and until it is coming to light, there is gonna be repercussion in the ratings..

the baby death will be compelling..and will get some ratings back..again, waiting for nicole to stumble and fumble
You're right in that I was talking about what I was watching at this time (actual time not ratings time this year) but the week of May 18-22 last year was also the time that LUCAS came back so unless you are arguing that EJamicus was a solid 'A' storyline I don't see your point.

Anyone is free to go back and look at the recent numbers but the 'A' story for this years May sweeps has been the Kiriakis vs. DiMera feud and for some inexplicable reason they have centered it around Stephanie.

I'm not sure if people will be tuning back to watch Grace die or not. Time will tell but IMO The Babyswitch story is still watchable. Sobbing Steph in a box just didn't do anything for me.

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