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May 30 2009, 03:44 PM
Excuse me but I was quite clear in my ORIGINAL post that I was only placing markers net to the weeks so that you can get an idea of where a storyline was at. In no way was I implying that any one thing raised the ratings for the week. I posted such a long period of time to focus on THE VIEWING TRENDS OF 'A STORYLINES'

Now I only bullet pointed the following to give you an brief timeline of what was going on. Most people, IMO, have their faves but generally follow storylines. With a strong storyline in place, The Baby Switch, we've lost faves like Jarlena and Tanna and yet the ratings have not fallen.

In the recent past we've had Touch my Thighs, Tina Lau, The Vendetta and Santeen, Crazy Ava, John Black's back, Who Killed Professor Robbins and the AFP (I'm sure I left some out). Currently we have Phinnie/Phelanie, Safe, Dan/Chloe/Lucas, Ejole and The Baby Switch.

Maybe the uptick in the ratings is GG and EM being on the show or maybe it is Safe or maybe people like EJole and the baby switch.[/b]
I wasn't trying to start an argument. Anyway, I started looking at ratings with my own agenda in mind a few months ago. But as I delved into the numbers, I made a bit of a "discovery" and my agenda fell away.

Days has been in a downward trend for years. Storylines have come and gone, but the viewers started dwindling long before Hogan Sheffer (who is blamed for the most part) started with Days. Now we see the kind of viewer bleed Days saw in 2007 for other soaps like General Hospital, As the World Turns, and even, the top-rated the Young and the Restless.

In Days' case, the only writer who seemed to be able to reverse the trend, and I hate to say it, was JER during his first run quite successfully, during his second, not so much. I read an article a few weeks ago where NBC said as a condition of renewing Days (I forget what year), as part of the package Corday had to hire back JER. That in itself says a lot. The network wanted the demos and ratings that JER brought in during his first run.

In any case, after awhile I just started looking at the numbers without regard to who was being featured in front burning stories and well, the story isn't pretty for Days, really for any soap opera. The demos, which pay for the show, aren't good, and I seriously doubt the 1.2 demo this past week made anyone at NBC happy. From what little I know about advertising, if shows don't deliver on promised demos, advertisers can decide to pull their ads or not pay. Not good.

Sorry to get off topic . . . Grace falling ill sounds very sad, but this girl more than likely won't be watching based on the terrible storytelling I've seen during the majority of Ms. Higley's run. I have grave doubts she'll do this story any justice. Maybe I'll watch it later online if I hear by some miracle it is done well.
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