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I think there's at least one episode most seasons that wasn't really a favorite. Empty Nest's is definitely at the top. That mink raising thing, at least that plot of that episode, was lame, though the girls were still their very best. The Henny Penny episode was weird. It was interesting to see the girls in a totally different situation, but it wasn't really a favorite of mine. All in all, though, I just love those girls. Writing consistency be damned, LoL.

Now, what about top 5 favorites? Whole episodes, overall storylines (there were some), classic moments

This is hard for me, but here goes. No particular order.

1. The end of Ebbtide's Revenge, in which Phil Petrillo has passed away. Rose helps Sophia to realize why she feuded with his wife, Angela. This is one of the more poignant scenes in the entire series for me. I just loved when they mixed major drama with the always comic moments that the show never went without. This episode in particularly touched because of how Rose helped Sophia to realize that it was okay that she loved Phil, even though he was different. When Sophia admits that she did love him, I bawl everytime.

2. Clinton Avenue Memories. They go to Brooklyn! That alone was great. I loved Sophia's determination. The scene where she refuses to lose Sal all over again is just amazing for me.

3. Sick and Tired. I know, I'm cheating, it spans two episodes, but this was a great storyline for everyone save maybe Rose, who was more the supporting player. Dorothy has been sick for months and doctors keep turning her away. Sophia is always putting her down, but seeing the love and support she gives and the fear that Dorothy could be dying for all the know is great. Rue stole the show despite the heaviness. Her take as Blanche struggling as a writer is a classic comedic moment and arguably one of the best in the show's history.

4. I hate that I keep choosing the sad moments, but I think its because often the straight comedy played off the caricatures of the characters and these dramatic moments created a juxtaposition that showcased how real these characters could be. This one is Big Daddy's death. Blanche sees, at last, how all about herself she is. her monologue in the cemetary is beautiful.

5. The last episode. More the second part than the first. I know many didn't like how it ended, but I loved that Dorothy and Blanche and Sopbhia became family. I loved how Rose addressed that, too. It was really telling about the whole dynamic of the show. Dorothy and Blanche fought like sisters most of the time and Rose was often the mediator with Sophia being the motherly figure. All the more why I loved that Sophia stayed with the girls while Dorothy went off to Atlanta. Many have argued that it was out of character for Dorothy, using the fact that if Rose could choose the girls over a relationship, she could to. I think that's where Dorothy is different from the other three. Sophia, Rose, and Blanche all lost thier husbands; Stan left her. She didn't get the closure that she did, and I think finding love again made the Dorothy character complete. And I'm so happy she didn't wind up with Stan, lol.

I love many others, but those are the shows I look to when I really need "my girls". What about you?
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