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Thanks so much for all of your wonderful feedback from my last blog entry. I looked at your comments and decided who better than Eric Martsolf to kick off Father's Day right by answering a few of my questions. Hope you enjoy!

Any big Father's Day plans?
Nothing too specific, but my hope is to simply spend the entire day engaging with my boys in whatever it is they happen to enjoy doing in that particular moment. Their interests change at the drop of a hat lately! One day it's trains, the next it's transformers, then it's soccer! They're three, so I'm sure girls are right around the corner.

What is the best fatherhood advice you have received and who gave it to you?
"Don't give in to short-term solutions for long-term issues." In other words, don't always give in to their immediate wants/desires -- stand your ground as a parent and keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone with kids will understand what the heck I'm yacking about!

Has it been easier or harder than you imagined, raising twin boys?
Surprisingly easier. I'm sure my overworked wife would say differently since she has them the majority of the time, but the beautiful thing about twins is that they have one another to entertain themselves -- literal built-in playmates! It allows mom and dad that occasional window of happy hour time.

How has being a father changed your perspective on life?
Crazy changes. I pray now before my plane takes off. I tend to get overly sensitive during news stories and movies that involve harm to children. I have a heightened respect for parents in general, and a heightened intolerance for traffic that keeps me from kissing my boys goodnight.

Do you have any advice to other fathers out there who have twins?
Love them as individuals, not as twins. My boys may have come from the same place at the same time, but there is nothing similar about them. They have different needs and wants, and should be tended to accordingly. But mostly, just enjoy the gift you've been given. You're a lucky guy.

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Eric was kind enough to share a family photo with his fans. He looks like such a fun family man, doesn't he? And I feel old because I remember when those boys were born! Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree where looks and charm are concerned.

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