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:peek: I'm glad somebody else voiced that analogy, I'm almost afraid too because of getting heartily disagreed with. I saw the evolution of Steven Earl Johnson in real time,and he was very scary, very slimy. (Besides nobody seems to know what he did when he was with the Vitalli Mob collective) Steve kidnapped Hope, terrorized Kimberly when she was blind, stalked Kayla, swiped the pawn from Victor, locked doors didn't mean don't enter. If all Steve's crimes were added up, he'd have served at least 3 days in jail :tounge: . I also see comparisons between Nichols and Ramsey, probably two of the best soap actors I've ever seen, and I've been around long enough to see many :hypnotize: So if we're really lucky they'll bring old owen back, I mean, Lucas served less than 90 days for shooting EJ, broke his house arrest three times to be with Chloe, and is still free....go figure :drunk:
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