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Jun 2 2009, 06:41 PM
In an unusual occurrence, "Days" viewers in America did not get to see a 55-second scene that was aired in Canada only on Monday, June 1. The scene was a product placement ad for the cereal Cheerios, and had Peter Reckell (Bo) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) discussing the benefits of the cereal. A show rep did not have any information to give out as to why the scene did not air in America. Below is a transcript of the "missing" scene, which aired just before Henderson walked into the Brady Pub.

PETE (carrying a box of Cheerios): Hi, Hope. Caroline asked me to give this to Bo if he came in. She said he left them here this morning.
HOPE: Thanks, Pete.
PETE: You're welcome.
BO: Henderson's still on the phone.
HOPE (taking out the box of Cheerios): Cheerios?
BO: Oh, yeah. Things have been so crazy I haven't had a chance to tell you. My physical the other day, the doc said I have to watch my diet, so I was doing some reading and the studies show that eating Cheerios can lower your cholesterol, so gonna give it a shot.
HOPE: Sounds great to me. But, you know, you didn't have to buy them. They're Ciara's and my favorite. I always keep these in stock, and the banana nut -- delicious.
BO: Yeah, I know. Well, from now on, it's share and share alike.
HOPE: Well, I'll check with Ciara and get back to you on that.
BO: Thanks.
HOPE (seeing Henderson standing outside): Who do you suppose Henderson's on the phone with?
BO: Victor, but since this is off the books...
HOPE: Here he comes.

i noticed that too. i was wondering what happened to it. it was really kinda funny. well for some of theings that dool considers funny. does anyone know why they cut it out? if so let me know
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