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Jun 3 2009, 09:11 AM
I have to agree with you. At first it seemed absurd that Sammi wanted to protect her baby from E.J. because Johnny was living there. But then her instincts were right when E.J. became a callous villian and Tony was murdered. Also, Sammi had been shot at had a contract put out on her by Stephano's men. E.J. knows that Stephano killed the Mayor so that Abe could have the job, thinking that would make Lexie happy. Therefore he knows that it was Stephano's men that were trying to kill Sammi. I really don't know why that fact has been glossed over. He has also tried to kill Philip, and yesterday the final proof that he is a heartless criminal is when he said he didn't care at all what happened to Stephanie, only finding Owen before the police.
So, Sammi was right to keep the baby's identity a secret. Who wants to share joint custody with a guy like that? It's bad enough that she has to fo it with Johnnie.

If Victor wanted to pay back E.J. , he could kidnap one of his children, see how he likes it. Of course, he wouldn't kidnap Nicole because nobody would give a crap. :eyeroll:
Her instincts weren't about EJ, though. Her instincts were strictly about Stefano. She was keeping the baby from EJ and everyone else, so that Stefano wouldn't find out. It turns out that EJ is still such scum that IMO it wasn't such a bad thing, but she just kind of lucked out there. When EJ finds out she can easily say "I told you so."
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