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This week's SOD includes a long feature article on the baby Grace story which includes interviews with Ken Corday, Ali Sweeney, James Scott, Galen Gering and Ari Zucker.

The article starts out with a statement from Ken Corday about the story. Corday relates that when his parents created Days, he was taught that there are three "no-nos" in daytime. They are: no stories about child abuse, no stories about mental illness, and no stories about killing babies. However, Corday continues that "then Zach dies and our numbers go through the roof and times change." Corday says that "for the sake of the story, it is a great stroke because it's simplified. Now we're dealing with one baby, but the wrong people are upset about it." Corday says that Dena Higley is a mother "and she understands the woman's grief and point of view".

The week begins with Grace's meningitis progressing. Daniel comes and tells Sami that she needs to be with the baby. Ali Sweeney explains that "the denial sets in" and as Sami is holding the baby, Daniel is telling her that she needs to prepare herself for Grace's death. Rafe is there and is trying to get Sami to listen to Daniel.

Sami kicks Rafe out because he doesn't believe Grace will recover, and Roman comes in. Sweeney says she's choked up talking about it, but that Roman is "devastated" and that "he's holding her and they're holding Grace." Sami tells Roman, 'I'm just scared because I can't do this', and Roman tells Sami he's there for her.

Sami then asks Roman to go get Rafe. Sweeney says at this point, Sami has accepted the fact that the end is near for the baby. But then, Caroline comes in and says she's brought the priest and as Sweeney says, "Sami can't handle that." Sweeney continues that Sami realizes "how selfish that is. She is Catholic and she does believe and just because she can't accept it, she's not going to deny her child last rites." The priest then comes in and performs the ceremony.

Galen Gering describes Rafe's reaction. "He's trying to be strong about it, but it's difficult under the circumstances... there's nothing he can do for [Grace] or Sami except be there and spend the waning moments with mother and child and it's pretty heavy." Gering says that when the baby dies, the heartbeat slows and the baby flatlines, and the doctor removes the IV and says that they can stay with Grace as long as they want. "It was very intense."

Ari Zucker then discusses Nicole's reaction. She says that "there's still a tremendous amount of guilt" for Nicole's having switched the babies, "but [Nicole] doesn't come forward because she's dug such a deep hole and the timing isn't right." Zucker says that Nicole's guilt is so intense that she wouldn't be able to look Sami in the eye if she saw her. "This is not what [Nicole] wanted to have happen and she caused probably about 80 percent of this whole situation."

Sami blames herself for Grace's death. Sweeney says that Sami feels that this is a Divine punishment because she has "done all these schemes and these horrible things over the years". Sami distances herself from Rafe the morning after Grace's death, because he's trying to comfort her, but she hates herself. Sweeney says Sami doesn't want to be with someone who's being nice to her. "She doesn't want charity. She doesn't want kindness. She wants to feel bad. And who happens to knock on the door but EJ?"

Sweeney explains that Sami "hates herself so much that she wants someone else to hate her too", so she tells EJ that Grace was his. Sweeney says that EJ "freaks out" and "gives her exactly what she wants: rage and hate and utter disgust and contempt". James Scott says that EJ "goes through those six stages and then he reaches the anger stage and then he gets sad". Scott continues that though EJ can't admit this to himself, he understands that Sami had good reason for not telling him the baby was his. "In the last six months he's been playing gangster games with his father, really demonstrating in every way that he's not the kind of person who should be raising a child."

Rafe goes to the hospital and runs into Nicole, who seems very shaken up. Zucker explains that Rafe thinks it's strange that Nicole is so distraught over Grace's death, but Nicole explains to Rafe that she'd be sad for anyone's child who died. Gering says that Rafe doesn't accept this explanation, but Rafe knows now is not the time to press Nicole on it.

Rafe takes the baby's body to the funeral home, where he runs into EJ. EJ then punches Rafe. Scott says that EJ's anger is due to the fact that Rafe knew the baby was Sami and EJ's yet tried to adopt her as his own. Gering says that Rafe "definitely does have a feeling of guilt in that situation", and that Rafe lets EJ beat him up. "If EJ wants to get a few punches in, okay, get it out."

Sami comes in during their fight, and EJ turns his anger on her. He asks her if she took good care of the baby and got proper medical care for her. He tells Sami that he would have made sure the baby had the best doctors.

James Scott says that Ali Sweeney's acting "is not only the best I've ever seen her do, I think it's the best acting I've ever seen on the show."

EJ then says goodbye to Grace on his own. Scott says that EJ cries a lot; "every single moment unfortunately for EJ is down to one tiny moment that he gets to spend with her when she's not alive. It's hard to think about all the times you will never have with a child when you've never had any." The article continues that Sami then tells Will the truth, "and he unloads on her".

Zucker's then discusses Nicole's future: "I don't know how she will ever be redeemed... there is no way out. She has no one to blame but herself. It's heartwrenching." The article concludes with Sweeney's discussing what will happen when Sami finds out: "I can't even imagine how she will freak out on Nicole. This is the worst thing you can do to someone."

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