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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Thanks for posting Ellie! I can tell I'm not the only one who was anxiously awaiting this today. :)

Corday should have just kept his mouth shut about this whole thing and the rules his parents taught him because he only looks like more of an asshat bringing up the ratings around Zack's death.

Especially because the rest of this article makes this all sound really really compelling.

Interesting that AZ admits she doesn't know how Nicole can ever be redeemed for this and that there is no mention of Mia AT ALL. Nor any mention in this article of Nicole tying this to her own miscarriage. Hmmm. I guess the whole reason for this baby switch saga is forgotten?

Glad that Rafe FINALLY feels some sort of guilt about trying to adopt some other dude's kid, even though I doubt GG will be able to sell it to me after his character has been written so weirdly gungho about fatherhood with the girl he thinks is EJ's with no common sense reservations about it to this point.

Can't wait to see the fireworks between EJ and Sami. I like that JS makes the point about how a part of EJ realizes that as angry as he is about Sami keeping everything from him he has shown she had good reason to do what she did because of him stepping up his DiMera shenanigans. I'm sure JS will try to show that with his acting I just hope the writers find a way to get that across as well. The way AS describes Sami's reaction sounds interesting to me too.

Hopefully Will unloading on Sami in this crazy messed up situation can be the catalyst he needs to be a bit of a hellraiser in his own right because as much as I've enjoyed the new actor playing Will, the character is still too goody goody to be Sami and Lucas's son.
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