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Jun 3 2009, 08:58 AM
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BIG mistake by Tomlin. The guy turns me off, along with the show when he's on. In fact, I used to cringe when Molly Burnett came on, but she seems like Meryl Streep compared to this guy, who has absolutely no range. I hope this emotional story does not include massive amounts of him. The fifteen year old Taylor, who has little experience will probably show him up.

While this story may not have the literary impact or the stellar performances included in the Zack storyline, I know it will be very wrenching to watch.

Frankly, Days has been a bore lately and this story will not be boring...one hopes.
Galen n Ali are gonna rock these scenes. Galen is a terrific actor. I know it's only the Ejami fans that usually say it...LOL But anyway I saw someone had mentioned not remembering the scene where Luis, Galen Gering, lost his son, Marty, so I thought I would post the link to those scenes. It's unmistakable here that this man can act! Just click the link below.

Luis's Son Dies (Galen Gering)
If you think most of the people who are down on Galen's acting are ejamis, I can tell you haven't been here very long. :lol: If you'll notice, most of the people who aren't impressed with Galen aren't Alison Sweeney fans either.

Thanks for that link, though. I have to agree with Mason assessment, and I did like Luis, and Passions for awhile, but the show was never known for knocking scenes out of the ballpark.
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