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After weeks of pretending she's living happily ever after with Lucas, Chloe finally admits the truth to herself and Daniel.

"In a moment of weakness, Chloe comes running back to Daniel," sums up NB. "She wants to be with him, but circumstances aren't allowing that."

Chloe's declaration of love is set in motion when she tries to console Daniel over the loss of a young patient. Daniel is having self-loathing thoughts about how he couldn't save this child. Nadia says that "Chloe wants to comfort Daniel, because she cares about him, but he pushes her away."

He tells Chloe to go home to Lucas which hurts Chloe's feelings and makes her feel slightly insecure. Nadia says that Chloe "is trying to have her cake and eat it, too. She can't figure out her own life, and on some levels is trying to stay close to Daniel and string him along. Maybe on some level, she's hoping he'll wait around until she figures out what to do."

Later Chloe has a hot dream about Daniel followed by a chat with Lucas, who reveals the truth about Grace's paternity and makes Chloe promise not to tell.

Nadia says that Chloe and Lucas are having problems. He is keeping secrets from her and she is keeping secrets from him. "Chloe has been fighting so hard for this marriage and making promises to God, but things are starting to unravel. She's not sure she can make this marriage work." Chloe tells Daniel that, but doesn't get the reaction she hoped for. Daniel is a little angry and calls her out on being mad at Lucas for keeping the secret about Grace when she has been deceiving Lucas too.

Chloe takes things a step further. "Chloe tells Daniel that she does love Lucas but has realized she loves him more," recounts NB. "It's a big revelation, because she's kind of admitting it to herself as well. Daniel says that if she had just told him this before she married Lucas, everything would have been fine. He isn't going to bail Chloe out because she is having doubts now. He reminds Chloe how she made him promise to stay away from her and says he is going to keep that promise, not because he doesn't love her, but because he does. He wants her to think clearly, stay strong and do the right thing because she was intent on doing so.

Chloe returns home to Lucas and he apologizes for keeping secrets from her. They agree to make a fresh start. "They're going to try to make there marriage work," asserts Bjorlin. The problem is that Chloe can't stop thinking about Daniel. The more she tries the worse it gets. She hopes that time is going to make her feelings for Daniel go away, but it's only making them stronger.
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