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Jun 3 2009, 07:59 PM
CHloe,enough with the Lucas guilt already :redface: I don't even know wtf she sees in him in the first place to have married the loser
I know, or at least I think I know...she was on the rebound and lonely when she hooked up with Lucas...so sure she loves him, but nothing like "in love" just affection, gratitude for helping her stop pining for Brady, felt safe/secure etc. Add in fear of getting hurt again, one ready made guilt-inducing explosion, a promise to god and bingo....another doomed Lucas marriage. It'd be more exciting if NB and BD had some romantic chemistry, but Lucas & Chloe look like they're playing house to me. Why Chloe making Lucas happy for the rest of her life is "the right thing to do" still escapes me..it might sound selfish, but Chloe needs to be selfish because giving up her happiness is only going to make Lucas miserable in the long run and if she really loved him, she would see that. Buffy would never be this cowardly.

Thanks for posting this Angie!
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