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Jun 4 2009, 04:07 PM
It's literally the exact same shit it was in January. LITERALLY!
Well, it was going at a good pace until Chloe and Lucas married. Then they were setting the stage for Kate's revenge but stopped and had Kate change gears. I think they just didn't want to focus on it during sweeps with the Kiriakis/Dimera stuff and I think they wanted to keep things going into summer. The other thing I feel happened is that there was alot of complaints about Kate plotting murder in regards to Chloe and Daniel so I do wonder if the show approached this the way they did to at least show that Kate gave them a chance before she went to extreme measures. That's a longshot but it's a theory. More then likely they just wanted to stall the story and maybe they felt it was a good time to do so because they had to send Kate out of town to at least visit an injured Billie. It wouldn't make sense if Kate didn't.

I also have to wonder too if maybe this means Nadia and/or Shawn will be out by year's end and the story was changed to set that up in the future. It does feel like there has been a few shifts in the story, much like what happened in January when things shifted to start building Chloe and Daniel up as an actual couple and not so much a fling. I mean, every other story has followed a consistent long-term plan and this one seems to go through a shift once in awhile where things stall for a bit and end up going in a different direction. I still like the story and it's getting better now. I just hope they stick to this now and don't stall it again.

As for Nathan. I just read a report on SON and it seems they are going with Nathan Jannings, not Nathan Horton. I do remember Melissa going by "Horton" in the 90's at some point. I do think it's better that his name is Jannings but I could tolerate Horton only because Nathan may feel he may get some benefits from being a Horton at University Hospital.
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