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the whole problem with ej doing this is that the person it will end up hurting is not so much sami as johnny, and this is why ej is still a piece of maggot skin. he really needs to learn to turn inward and do some soul searching..sounds like sami already has.

my spec now is that sami will find out that rafe is the one who gave stefano all his info on grace, the convent, etc. as rafe figured that stefano would work with nicole to keep ej from trying to get close with sami.

at first rafe was all for sami coming clean to ej, and i never really understood why that hanged..he did think that ej was not such a bad guy..but it could be after he saw ej moving closer to his stefano he changed his mind..
i know rafe is an interloper, but i have never had enough emotional investment in him to care enough to dislike him..

i hate this story, which i guess is good, we all have some kind of investment or we would not care. like i dont care about danloe..or stephillie..
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