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Im only guessing. But Im thinking Arianna must be with Brady, and that would exolain why she is at the Mansion.

Brady laying into Nicole is probably as suggested.. He is warning her about her own lies.
As for Bo laying into Rafe.. It possible he is angry that Rafe helpd Sami keep the secret from EJ.. though since he hates EJ a great deal so It could just be a teaser spoiler and nothing significant.

As for Nicoles guilt driving her to "betray EJ" I seriously doubt it would be anything that might truly harm EJ..so Im guessing she simply arranges for Sami to see and visit with Johnny without EJ's permission... I cant see her betraying him in a way that might put him in jail, or destroy her marriage (Although im sure thats coming) but truly even if EJ finds out, I think a part of him will undrstand that Nicole didnt have the heart to deny Sami the benefit of seeing her son. And so he will forgive Nicole and chalk it up to a Mothers heart.. IMO.
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