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Jun 4 2009, 08:10 AM
Jun 3 2009, 11:33 PM
EJ plans revenge.

If this is against Sami after already unloading on her.......... Ej is a bigger PIG than I thought. Nothing screams coupledom than when a woman is lying on the floor filled with self-hatred and defeated, than to rip one of the only thing that has life in her. Nice.
Hmm..well I think a PIG is a strange man,trying to steal another man's child from him...when he had NO right to do so.And when the Father has not a clue he even had that child ,and had no choice in the matter.Ej is angry...and why should he not be??
As a devoted Safe fan..
I will totally underdtand EJ's rath,Anger, desire for revenge, and most of all his pain.
And I think Rafe understands and has his own guilt which is whye h will let EJ beat on him and not fiht back.

Now I dont think he is a pig for wanting to adopt Grace, HE was the only father she knew and he fell in love with her as much as any good man would fall in love with a baby if they are in it from the start.. Id really question him and his ability to love if he 'didnt' love Grace.

Sami had made the "initial" choice to keep the baby from EJ even though Rafe didnt agree, and Sami drew Rafe ino the whole plan.
When she was going back and forth after the fact... He knew the repercussions and revenge EJ would seek, and he wanted to protect Sami. Grace, and Johnny.. and yes Im sure he was also thinking about how much he loved Grace.. As for adopting her.. If Sami never intended to tell EJ then Grace still deserved a father who loved her and He (or the writers) felt this was the best way.

Either way the summer should be good.. Im just angry it came to this.. To kill 2 out of 3 babies in less than
a years time leaves me to wonder about the mental healh of these writers.

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