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Jun 4 2009, 10:39 PM
Although I do believe all can agree on certain catastrophes a la Charity Rahmer. Now THAT was bad acting.

i think ali has done really, really well with the material thus far. i'm pleasantly surprised. what i don't like is her character's motivation for telling ej the truth. to be frank, i'm kind of sickened about this whole storyline. it bothers me that both nicole and sami are being so selfish at a time like this when a child is dying. i thinks sami's behavior is disgusting and inexcuseable, as is nicole's. i just cannot for the life of me understand why, during a pivotal turning point in the storyline, we didn't get some positive advancement, by having either sami or nicole fess up. i mean, yeah, we get sami's confession, but the child is dead by then, and an article with the actress says she only tells the truth because she's a sadist that wants to be punished. ugh. i just cannot see either pairing(ejole/ejami) being possible after all this.

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