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Jun 6 2009, 01:07 PM
Jun 6 2009, 12:01 PM
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It didn't seem over the top to me. I'm actually looking forward to Monday's show, because it looks like Ari does a fantastic job.
Oh yeah she can cry, that is for sure but her acting choices when it comes to scenes like this are often questionable in my view. Her having Nicole bawl her eyes out often appears to be a ploy (that works for the most part) to make viewers forget that Nicole is often the perpetrator and not the victim.

So yeah the woman can cry, but I think it is OTT in some of the scenes she uses the technique in. If she is trying to make it appear that Nicole is genuinely sorry then something more controlled would work better for me. If it's meant to portray fear of getting caught rather than genuine remorse and regret then I could perhaps buy the sobbing and wailing.

If she is meant to be genuine it doesn't work for me and if she is crying out of fear then Nicole gets no sympathy.
You mean sympathy from the viewers, right?? Since she is in the chapel alone when she is bawling, I don't think she's looking for sympathy from anyone else.

And for the record, I have zero sympathy for Nicole. AZ rocked in that scene, plain and simple. So far, I think AZ and SC are the only ones "hitting it out of the park". AS is doing an OK job..subject to change for the good/bad depending on her scenes this coming week.
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