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Jun 6 2009, 02:30 PM
I actually saw Monday's episode, and it was very moving. Everyone did a wonderful job. Alison did well in expressing all of the emotions one would feel in that circumstance. Ari is a wonderful actress, and as much as I absolutely detest the character of Nicole, it is always a treat to see her on screen. Galen tried, he really tried, but again, he was overshadowed... Kudos to Galen for trying though.

I look forward to the scenes between EJ and Sami when she tells him the truth. It is must see TV.

I have to disagree with those who didn't think that KA's performance at Zach's death was not that great. I just saw the clips of his death and funeral. I actually cried. I can tell you that I'm not that emotional when it comes to TV, but those clips did move me. I can't say as much with this storyline. Maybe because we know that Grace isn't Sami's baby has something to do with it. I feel more for Mia as she is the one robbed of being there by her daughter's side while she's sick, and when she'll draw her last breath.
I think we all judge actors through the prism of our personal likes and dislikes, though an outstanding performance usually cannot be denied or can a marked improvement.

I agree that AZ is a very good actress and is able most of the time to make the viewer feel what her part of the scene is conveying. Though at times, I am confused as to just what the writing really wants us to feel. The villain of of the piece rarely has much sympathy, but I get the sense the writing wants us to accord it nevertheless, even if it is unwarranted.

With As, I have already stated I think she is doing a good job with this part of the storyline. She has indeed toned it down, cried real tears and has given us the frozen fear that a parent would feel at a time like this. Where she loses me is when Rafe appears. Too often in the AS/GG scenes I feel that AS tries too hard to sell this implausible story and to make up for GG's flat performance. When one adds the fact that Sami becomes a simpering, wimpering child when this guy is around, it all adds up to a lousy, unappealing pairing. With this heavy emotional story it is unfortunate that he has to be there at all. I would much rather see Sami trying to put up a brave front alone while showing the terror in her eyes than to see her hug a tree.

I do not have the benefit of having seen Monday's show as yet, so I cannot judge in advance. I only can speak to what I have seen happen last week.

Like many others, I look forward to the big reveal to EJ by Sami about their having a child together. It should be fantastic. The raw emotions in this story do not come along very often. I hope these two play every one of them.
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