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Nicole Dimera
Jun 6 2009, 10:44 PM
Safe has won over some Ejami fans. Believe it or not there are people that like Safe and they aren't just Passions fans or GG fans as some try to claim and the fanbase is growing. If they keep good writing for them I expect it to get bigger. They are being noticed and the actors definetly know that they do have fans rooting for these characters together. I didn't expect Safe to even take off but they did. I guess you never know what's gonna happen.

As far as Grace's storyline goes, I think AS is doing a good job by not going over the top but I really don't get emotional with her. I have to see her performance after Grace dies then maybe I can actually cry for Sami.
ita i think many long time days fans
are loving SAFE i have met some new friends
that never watched passions but now adore
galen and wished they had known of him all this time
judging from the sod fav couple poll there are more out there GO SAFE

PASSIONS will be of the air for yrs but some will still
have this HATRED /ANGER towards any of the actors
as if they do not have the right to work again
its clear the TPTB sure do not feel this way ;)

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