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After all... tomorrow is another day!

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my spec now is that sami will find out that rafe is the one who gave stefano all his info on grace, the convent, etc. as rafe figured that stefano would work with nicole to keep ej from trying to get close with sami.
If the writers actually went to the trouble of giving an explanation for Stefano's knowledge of things, which they haven't so far and I'm not certain they ever will, I don't think it will have been Rafe that gave him the info that allowed Stefano to know.

More likely IMO is Stefano found something from some of his henchmen discovered from spying on/overhearing Nicole (I always thought Nicole was way too indiscreet about all of her schemes in front of those guys) or Dr. Baker told him or he somehow got a hold of Dr. Baker's letter to that other doctor or even some note was left by Tony.

I have heard the theory put forth that it would turn out that Rafe was some sort of DiMera double agent but I have no hope whatsoever that the character will actually be written that complex or interesting. I also think if he was smart/devious enough to hope that Nicole and Stefano would keep EJ turned away from Sami as he was THAT into Sami we would have seen him propose to Sami rather than just focus entirely on getting custody of Grace. I do think there could be some shady/weirdness in his background that could come out, I just don't think it's DiMera ties.
Wouldn't it be funny if RAfe was really a DiMera?
No. It would actually be pretty stupid and Rafe being a DiMera himself would pretty much defeat the whole purpose of Safe.

Stefano has already fathered/parented enough kids for a basketball team, we don't need to get into football territory now.

Further, if Rafe is a DiMera that potentially puts the Arianna-Brady pairing in Uncle Max territory.
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