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Jun 7 2009, 11:08 PM
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If Days is going off the air, why are they hiring new people and firing old favorites????
Who says they are going off the air? The show is in much better shape now then it was a year ago, most notably in the financial area of things. That is why they got rid of vets. They cost too much and you can only cut salaries so much. It's much more cost effective to get rid of some of them entirely and hire cheaper actors to come on. In many cases, the salary of one vet is worth like 3 newcomers. Not to mention, bringing on new characters is easier on the writers. Some of the vets were in the same stories over and over and that was not all on the writing team. That is all some of the fanbases wanted. The show no longer feels held back now.

So many keep assuming 2010 is the end, just like so many thought 2009 would be the end. If the show could survive the last few contract negotiations, it can survive the next. Let's remember there is a one year option for the show that NBC can pick up to that is built into the contract. Given the current state of things and how popular Days is a brand, it's in fine shape to remain on past 2010 IMO.
Excuse me, I thought te show was going off the air. I had seen it written many times on some of the boards so I assumed it was. I have watched from day one and I love the show. It is the only soap opera daytime that I watch. So naturally Iwas upset when all the boards kept on writing it was going off. Then Marlena and JOhn got fired, Kayla and Patch left, etc., so I was surprised with the new actors. Of course I know one vet is worth 3-4 newcomers in salary, I am not stupid, but just thought it was unnecessary.

I rarely post to the boards, most of the time when I do someone finds fault with what I am trying to say! So,I do know what assume is: ass-u-me.
There was no need to be rude. All I did was point out nothing is certain yet, as has been the case for the past few years yet so many run around like the show is a goner soon enough. I had no clue what you knew and what you didn't know and my post wasn't just directed at you either. However, you mention you read the boards but, if you read them as clearly as you seem to think you do, you would notice there is no official news that the show is going off the air. It's simply the same fans who felt it was going off the air in 2009 assuming it will in 2010. Nothing more. Perhaps you should read boards like this one a little more because most around here tend to discuss things a bit more accurately then other places who are more driven by fanbases, angry fans, etc.

I also never said you were stupid. It just gets annoying seeing people come into casting threads and mentioning how the show keeps adding new people after letting go of the vets and so on. The show needs to have a fair amount of characters so, of course, they are going to bring new people on, especially since they have basically revamped the show and it's cast. That is why it's necessary.

If you felt I was being rude, I apologize. However, your tone was a bit stand-offish too. Anyway, I do apologize again if you felt slighted or disrespected in any way. You should also not be afraid to post more. You seem like you have alot to say and you have the right to express yourself if you want to.
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