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I feel sorry for EJ... Everyone is keeping his daughters a secret. Nicole lost theirs, stole his and Sami's. Stefano knows of the baby switch, so he also knows Nicole lost the baby. Sami kept their daughter from him. Lucas knew about Sami and kept quite even after it happened to him with Will. Chloe knew. Mia knows. Tony knew and waited to long to tell. Brady knows.

I mean there is NOONE he can trust.. not even his family. Stefano doesn't love him.. he loves what he can make him do. Nicole doesn't love him.. she loves her white picket fence dream. Sami did and maybe still does.. she just doesn't like his dad or what he is becoming. Tony loved him but was jealous.. wanted to stick it to Nicole and then died. I mean.. EJ literally has noone.

I can't wait to see how this goes down. I mean what Sami did was bad.. but what Nicole has done and is doing.. I think that is twice as bad. I mean he is grieving over a child that is actually alive. Then when he finds out what happened.. he will have to grieve over a different child that died even though he gets the other one back. Talk about a roller coaster.
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