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Jun 8 2009, 10:59 AM
Jun 8 2009, 09:17 AM
Well, I also read prevuze and didnt connect that particular spoiler because I think its yet to happen. EJ will be filing for full custody of Johnny and serves her papers. I think its after this action by EJ when Nicole will betray him and help Sami.
I agree with what your saying but I just don't see how the writers are making Nicole so apologetic from now thru the custody sl. When she couldn't even hint to Mia that it was Mia's daughter dying. I would think she would be more apologetic to Mia more than Sami given their history and the fact that she promised this girl she would make sure her baby was well taken care of. I know it's for the sl on down the road, but it just doesn't make sense. :frustration:
I wasn't talking about Nicole being apologetic at all, nor about Mia. I was just replying to what I thought the spoiler about Nicole helping Sami meant.

But watch todays show and see just how tormented Nicole is when she gets Mia to the hospital room by saying that she's her mother. Those scenes are so powerful. Redemption, I dont know...but remorse..YES!

As for Mia, she's not exactly innocent in all this. Yes, she's a teenager, but she is still going along with Nicole's lie. Mia went out to seek doc Baker about the adoption. Mia is the one that accepted money from Nicole for said baby. Mia would have never held her biological baby if she were to be adopted by another person.

I don't think there's been an action by Nicole that can totally redeem her, especially since she's still keeping her secret, but I don't rule out any future actions that can redeem her.
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