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Jun 8 2009, 10:09 AM
i just read an insight on this sl on another persons blog and i was so taken by the insight..this sl is risky due to all the characters having done flawed things..from ej and his wangsta lifestyle, to nicole and her baby swap and willingness to let stephanie suffer from her hubbys misdeeds, to rafe sneaking in to keep ej from his baby..finally to sami who swapped the truth for a chance at another fantasy life..

but of all of these people, only sami is going to take it on the chin, and not apologize or hide anymore. she wants her punishment, while the others are still going to hide and sneak and lie.
I think Sami wanting 'punishment' is not commendable at all what is she 6 years old? And who is without sin may I ask to mete out the punishment...I hope you don't mean she deserves what she gets from the 'He who needs life in prision and punishment for his wicked deeds against innocent people completed in the last 8 weeks' EJ?

What Sami did may not have been 'right' but she had pure motives in my opinion. She didn't want Grace raised the way she has to raise Johnny with EJ.

What kind of punsihment should be meted out to a mother who has done nothing but try to protect her child? What punishment is fitting? Did she abuse Grace? Give her cigarette burns? Lock her in a dark room to ensure she was hidden from EJ? She was not cruel to Grace at all so in my opinion there is not one person with the right to try and punish her for doing what she thought was the best thing for Grace.

Be mad, be annoyed but punish her? I think that's a riddiculous idea. [Now please I am not saying you are riddiculous but I think the idea of Sami wanting punishment as a good thing is. The others are only sneaking and lying to protect Sami who IMO needs protecting right now. She's been punished enough by Grace's death she doesn't need anything else added to that devastation and heartache. :shame:
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