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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Jun 8 2009, 01:27 PM
LOL, it's me being quoted.

But just to clarify, here's what I meant. I said that I thought that for the first time in a long time, Days is taking a risk with a storyline (just like I'm risking posting my "thoughts" here LOL! What is life without a risk, eh?). Killing off Grace isn't the risk, but it's the personalities involved and the "crimes" that they've committed that is the risky part. Not one of the major players in this story is innocent or pure in his/her actions. How do you root for baby thievery? How to do root for another man to step in an adopt another man's child? How do you root for a woman allowing a man to grieve a child that wasn't his or not allowing him to grieve a child that was lost? How do you root for a woman allowing another man to take a father's place and then not telling the man until after the fact that his child has died? It's hard for me to root for anyone -- and that's precisely why I'm starting to like this story. It's not an easy road for the show to take. One of my complaints about the show over the years is that they always take the easy road out, the path of least resistance. And it made it so incredibly tedious for me to watch because I knew, based on the fact that Days wouldn't do anything to rock the boat, that ultimately I'd be disappointed by the lack of drama. But this, I'm shocked. I really am and I looking forward to seeing how this is handled.

In any case, EJ, surprisingly, is the lone character who didn't play a part in the deception, although his actions in his own life, becoming Stefano obedient son, did help things along. But I was thinking about: Nicole, Sami, Rafe -- every single one of them has done wrong. Sami's motives may have been pure at first, but once she crossed the line into allowing another man to adopt EJ's baby and then not telling EJ until after his baby was gone that she was his -- I can't justify it even though Sami is a favorite character of mine. Nicole, she may have been motivated by her love for EJ at first, but now she sits in a church crying, begging to be punished but not willing to tell the truth for fear of losing everything. But still, they are playing the sympathy heavily with Nicole, in that she suffering a lot of guilt. That's OK, BTW, that's her character. Rafe to a much lesser extent because he basically was stealing another man's child, forging documents to get custody of Grace and Sami basically smiling about without any thought of possible consequences because she'll now have her dream life with her dream man. EJ, if he hadn't chosen to live a gangster life, Sami probably wouldn't have kept Grace's paternity a secret from him.

The punishment part. I don't think a character deserves punishment. What I was saying is that out of all of the characters, Sami's is the sole character that can take the hit of telling the truth. In the SOD interview, Ali Sweeney did mention that Sami wants to be punished and she knows that by telling the truth, EJ will indeed punish her. The question for me is why does she do this? I'm still not clear on that. In any case, the audience is used to Sami getting caught. Regardless of her intent, because of Grace's death she has decided to face up to the consequences. I have a suspicion that Ali won't play it for sympathy. I think Sami probably will be harsh when she blurts out the whole truth to EJ. I could be wrong about that though since they are being extra tight lipped with this spoiler. Sami is about to take it on the chin and the process may not come out smelling like a rose. What I was saying is that Nicole's character couldn't survive that kind of scene or writing. That's not saying the Ari wouldn't act it to the hilt, but as a character, Nicole's has to have a sympathetic edge or else she'd be toast because she doesn't not have the history of Sami. We expect Sami to get caught, to say awful things, to hurt people, especially those that she loves. But she manages to survive as a character.

Hopefully that makes sense and doesn't offend. And sorry for the long post.
Great post!

You make a really solid point about the fact that Sami, as a character, is almost expected to find herself in situations like this. Not only is she about to face the wrath of EJ - but we know that Will is harsh towards her and I suspect many of her family will express their disappointment, as well. Once again, Sami has screwed up royally and will likely be the talk of the town.

I am very curious to see how they play everyone else toward EJ in this story. Will the Bradys show him any sympathy? Will they applaud Sami for trying to protect her daughter from those dastardly DiMera's? Or will they simply try to stay out of the line of fire?

As for Nicole - again, I couldn't agree more. If they don't give Nicole every sympathetic beat they can find in this story starting ASAP it will be nearly impossible to write any sort of redemption for her once the truth comes out. Depending on how the spoiler plays about Nicole betraying EJ to help Sami that could wind up being a stroke of genious. It's something I would never have expected, and if it's show that she's doing it purely out of compassion for Sami (mixed with guilt) I will be impressed. However, if it plays out as another manipulation to keep her secret then it will be stained, and won't have nearly the impact it could.

As for Rafe...that dude just really needs to go away and find himself a family. Of his own. They can portray him as being as supportive and sympathetic toward Sami as all get out - but the fact that he was all over getting those adoption papers filed like a fat kid on a Smartie the moment Sami said yes just screams all kinds of weird and creepy to me. Again - I'll have to see how the confrontation at the funeral home plays out with EJ, and later with EJ and Sami, to decide for certain what I think - but at this point I just don't see what they can do to make me feel he has more than a passing role in this story from here on out.
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