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Jun 8 2009, 11:15 AM
I happen to think I'll be able to like Nicole again once this story wraps. I won't want her to be with EJ or within a country mile of Sydney - but I would root for her down the road in a different pairing if the fallout from this shows her losing everything and having to build herself up again from scratch.

I never understood how some people say that don't like EJ with Sami after what he did to her, but will like him in another pairing with someone else. How can you want someone to perpetuate their evil on other people?
Kind of similar with Nicole. She seems like she will always be a liar...unless they totally whitewash her character...which is no fun.

So are we hoping for another person to come along and make them want to be a better person?
Is that why I would want Nicole to be with Brady? He seems like a really nice guy so why would I want Nicole to come along and screw him up and break his heart? Do I think she will change if she is with him?

Or is that why people like EJ with Nicole? If EJ is a bad seed, is it okay to have him with another bad seed?
Are these rhetorical questions?? :)

I must say that I chuckle a bit when I read people talk about how Nicole will never be redeemed...or her path of redemption. I don't think it matters. People in Salem seem to have a short memory (Nicole/Chloe friendship proves this), and whether or not Nicole's intentions are honorable when she helps Sami, she will be redeemed anyways. Hell, Sami has never been redeemed for ANYTHING, but we seem to take to her okay. At least EJ made a promise to God in a church right before he went out and broke it. ;)
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