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LOL, it's me being quoted.

What Nicole did was not right either, but worse. She knew that Sami was coming back for her baby because she overheard the conversation at the clinic between Sami and Sis Theresa. If Sami had planned to leave Syndey at the clinic for strangers to come and adopt I would be rooting for Nicole because I would say Sami didn't want the baby anyway so Nicole might as well bring her to EJ to raise. Nicole stole Sami's baby to palm her off as her own, so she wouldn't have to risk EJ calling off the wedding when he found out their baby died. She wants EJs money and the Dimera luxury and Sami would sacrifice it all for a quite and safe exsitence with her kids. Two completely different motivations - but none of the actions are right not Sami's and not Nicole's. Should Nicole be punished? I think she should give Sydney back to Sami which is going to be punishment enough. She loves that baby and 'is' her mother now, she was grieving at the time and a bit crazy when she took her, she should be let off the hook too. Now EJ has no such excuse for the hit on Philip, the beating of Brady and kidnap of Stephanie not even in the same ball park as Sami and Nicole's 'crimes'. JMO

I disagree with this part of your post.
If you watched Nicole and EJ from the beginning, it was always clear that Nicole wanted to love EJ and give him the family that they both wanted. EJ fell in love with her because she accepted him as is, she accepted his family and never had make up excuses or feel bad because he's a DiMera. Nicole fell in love with EJ because he didnt judge her either and always told her the truth- bad or good.
When she lost her baby, it was never about getting the DiMera fortune. EJ and Nicole had numerous conversations about it. This is also why EJ told Steffy that he wouldnt make her sign a Pre-nup. She also told him she'll sign one because she loves him. The only times where money was mentioned was when she said that her baby would be given all the DiMera luxuries and she pushed EJ for some trust fund so that she can get the money that doc Baker wanted for the adoption.

As for Sami's motivations, sorry but they have been selfish from the start. Th sole reason she went into WPP was to hide her pregnancy. She even told Lucas that when her dad mentioned WPP. People tend to forget her initial motives.
Then she claimed that she was only afraid of Steffy and not EJ. That he was a good father and wished she could get him out of his family's life. I can see why she would want to do that, but I dont understand why EJ's past crimes are swept under the rug, especially towards her and her family.
Finally, I recall a scene where Sami was talking to Grace and practically giddy because EJ would never know the truth. Now, please, now can Sami actions ever be considered "pure."

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