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Jun 9 2009, 12:48 AM
I remember word about that Aremid spinoff. There were several spinoff rumors for Days during both of JER's reigns. Even during his second run there was rumors of all the SSK murder victims ending up on a spinoff as ghosts or something.

I could've went for an Aremid spinoff. It was so creepy and mysterious and the people there for strange and interesting. Loved Parrot Man and the Aremid arc. I never knew it ended early. I always felt that the end sort of felt rushed. It seems even then there was conflict behind the scenes even when we all thought things were perfect LOL.
I heard there was some plans for Aremid spinoff based on Jack/Peter moving there, but I doubt they were real. We now know for sure JER and Corday hated each other. And JER was the main creative force so I doubt he would ever agree to co-create anything under Corday´s supervision. It makes so much sense he would eventually move on and created a show on his own (like he did with Passions) than having to deal with Corday on daily basis, because all the characters, histories and past storylines the new show is based on still belongs to him.

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