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Jun 9 2009, 11:57 PM
I don't see Nicole/Rafe at all. They clearly chemistry-tested back in December when Rafe broke into the mansion and bumped into Nicole and after that led to nothing, I felt the shop has passed and I still think it has. I think they are just stringing EJ/Sami fans along because I just can't see them ending Sami/Rafe after all the buildup and all they've been through. This whole thing with Grace has actually solidified them in a way. I just don't see Days ever committing to EJ/Sami for the long haul. I don't think they want to or have the guts too and by that I mean I just think they don't like the past history. Sami/Rafe are like the current regime's golden couple and they are gaining in popularity everyday.

Except that Dena said back in November that there would be an EJami/Rafe story...and lo and behold we have an EJami/Rafe story. I don't believe there was a chem test. This storyline has been laid out for months and it's going as many have predicted.

I have to admit I'm really surprised that so many long time soap watchers on this board actually think that a couple that has been on warp speed and have had no real angst are the golden couple :shrug: I think you will find a majority of the Safe fans are GG fans. Not all but a majority and they know they will follow GG into whatever couple he is a part of.. JMO.
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