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Jun 10 2009, 12:10 AM
Jun 9 2009, 11:57 PM
I don't see Nicole/Rafe at all. They clearly chemistry-tested back in December when Rafe broke into the mansion and bumped into Nicole and after that led to nothing, I felt the shop has passed and I still think it has. I think they are just stringing EJ/Sami fans along because I just can't see them ending Sami/Rafe after all the buildup and all they've been through. This whole thing with Grace has actually solidified them in a way. I just don't see Days ever committing to EJ/Sami for the long haul. I don't think they want to or have the guts too and by that I mean I just think they don't like the past history. Sami/Rafe are like the current regime's golden couple and they are gaining in popularity everyday.

Except that Dena said back in November that there would be an EJami/Rafe story...and lo and behold we have an EJami/Rafe story. I don't believe there was a chem test. This storyline has been laid out for months and it's going as many have predicted.

I have to admit I'm really surprised that so many long time soap watchers on this board actually think that a couple that has been on warp speed and have had no real angst are the golden couple :shrug: I think you will find a majority of the Safe fans are GG fans. Not all but a majority and they know they will follow GG into whatever couple he is a part of.. JMO.
I donīt think EJAMI are in the cards anymore. They are not writing EJ the same as Phillip, he is not grey character waiting to be reformed by love, EJ is a villain in the making happy to follow in the steps of his father. He was fully aware and greenlighted Phillipīs murder. He had zero concern for Stephanie and what Owen will do to her. His mood swings are scary, his anger outburst almost psychotic.

In some way I have to really applaud the writers because this time we can really see the transformation and itīs almost fascinating to see the villain in him grow. And when the babyswitch comes out and he will discover everyone, his father included, lied him the transformation will be complete. He will have all the reason in the world to hate everyone and do the most dastardly things imaginable with no need of vendetta or some other stupid past rewrite to justify his action.

I donīt think there is a happy ending for him and Sami or Nicol. He loves Nicol, but not the same way as Sami, and the moment the babyswitch is out the love will be gone. And he might always harbour some feelings for Sami deep inside but their worlds are already too apart. This is not GH and murderers are not heroes on DAYS. He is new Stephano and Sami is his Marlena. They will never be together.
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