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Jun 9 2009, 11:57 PM
I don't see Nicole/Rafe at all. They clearly chemistry-tested back in December when Rafe broke into the mansion and bumped into Nicole and after that led to nothing, I felt the shop has passed and I still think it has. I think they are just stringing EJ/Sami fans along because I just can't see them ending Sami/Rafe after all the buildup and all they've been through. This whole thing with Grace has actually solidified them in a way. I just don't see Days ever committing to EJ/Sami for the long haul. I don't think they want to or have the guts too and by that I mean I just think they don't like the past history. Sami/Rafe are like the current regime's golden couple and they are gaining in popularity everyday.

I do have my doubts about Nicole/Brady though, which is a shame because they spark together. I think with Max leaving, they had to change things and throw Arianna in Brady's orbit and I do think they see a Theresa/Ethan vibe so they are going to explore it while Nicole is busy with EJ. if it takes off, I can see them keeping EJ and Nicole together. I think there is still ways to make that work after a period of time.

Looking at these spoilers, I'm just glad the Chloe/Daniel stuff is finally moving. Finally we get to the talk show and that should mean Kate's plan is finally in motion. I've felt all along the Chloe/Daniel affair would be exposed and come to a head around the time of Wimbledon and I think I may be right. With them getting more airtime and Lucas starting to remember while Chloe and Daniel are finding it harder and harder to stay away from each other, I can see things finally reaching the boiling point, especially with Kate's plans finally moving.

These look good. Thanks, Angie.
i would hardley call a ratings tanker like safe the golden couple :shame: if anything they seem to be losing fans as in the beggining it seemed like a lot of lumis were jumping on ship just for the pure fact that they didnt want sami to be with ej but after months of the boring no chemistry safe i see many of them wanting an end as well! i personally dont want to see him with nichole unless he can muster up something other than grandma kisses and corny onliners because i dont really want to see him stick around and bore us with someone else! and for that matter he can take his whiney little sister too cus i see nothing between her and brady and then maybe they can reexplore nichole and brady once the :shithitfan: which from the comments by ari and james that ej will be madder at nichole than he is at sami i would gather will leave nichole single!
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