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Jun 9 2009, 11:52 PM
Jun 9 2009, 11:20 PM
Thanks Angie. Guess EJ is still pissed at Sami and playing the custody card...sucks to lose a child, then have the other taken away. Low blow, EJ.
Low blow?

Sami was going to let Rafe adopt his kid without him ever knowing it existed and only told him about it after it died. And in telling him about this dead child she didn't do so in a weepy, regretful letting him down gently sort of way. Not sure if you have seen tomorrow's epi yet but I just got done watching clips and wow... Sami told him in pretty much the most hateful and vindictive and heartless way possible insulting who he is and the choices he's made and basically making it clear she didn't think he was good enough to be Grace's father which she seemed to think made her not telling him about her his fault and that was all there was to it, that Sami didn't have any responsibility at all to tell him the truth and was only doing so now so she could make another human being feel even more miserable than she feels right now in her grief over Grace.

Obviously this custody suit is not the sweetest, most understanding, most rational or most mature reaction to what Sami told him, but I hardly think it qualifies as a low blow on EJ's part.

Hell yea, low blow.

Sami's daughter just died, and now EJ is suing for TOTAL custody because he is pissed at her? What about all that hot air about what a wonderful mother she is "best mother in the world"? This has nothing to do with Johnny's safety, but EJ's anger. Rafe isn't going to hurt Johnny. EJ knows this, and he knows that Sami wouldn't let anyone hurt Johnny.

Sami has always lied to EJ, big lies too. This is nothing new. And to mention it, EJ has lied to Sami many times. Big lies. But to pull the kids into the middle of it to punish the mother is a sick thing on EJ's part. She doesn't need to be fooling with this crap...just going to bring Safe closer together.

Then again, I don't get days ahead shows, so I haven't seen what Sami tells EJ, but I can pretty much guess she is going to rip him a new one, crush his ego, and treat him like total and utter shit...just like she has done the past three years.
Why in the world anyone roots for this couple now is beyond me! They are toxic.
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